Month: May 2014

New Video! – The Hinterkaifeck Murders – True Scary Stories

This is a creepy story that happens to be true. In 1922 a party of concerned neighbors found the scene of a horrific crime. AN entire family, plus their maid were found murdered.


New Video! – An Ode To Imma Docktah

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An Ode To Imma Docktah

Imma Docktah
Darker than dock tar
with false teeth
A big man on the web
when no one can see his elite tan
with big words sitting at his computer
oh, what a cowardly fool
this child that plays at being a bully
talking shit on videos because his sister broke his teeth
she pulled out her huge cock, and slapped him on the jaw
then shoved it in his mouth, while he struggled to keep her out
now he’s down at the docks, sucking off sailor’s cocks
and that is why he is know as the dock tah

I Hate Game Of Thrones and GRR Martin is a Hack

My story is a simple one.

One day Ryan was online looking through Yahoo stories when he saw a familiar face. Jason Momoa from Stargate Atlantis. Apparently he had been on one of HBO’s porn operas, but his character had been killed. Okay, didn’t care but I read the article anyway since it was mostly about him.

They failed to mention Stargate Atlantis. I felt surely these people don’t think he will be better known for appearing in some soft core soap opera crap on HBO than for SG:A! So off to the comments I went.

And sure enough there were plenty of people saying the same thing I was. Why, when it is certainly his best known role, would they leave it out?

This was when I encountered something unexpected. People actually took the show he had been on, something called Game of Thrones, seriously. Very seriously. Surely they knew it was just another gaudy, porn soap opera? Apparently not. So I made a few comments and got into an argument.

Which lead me to look up the series, and then the books.

Well… I can only say that my reaction was powerful. Ever single thing I uncovered about the series made me dislike it ever more. Then I started hating it. Then, faced with the simple truth that only degenerates could enjoy such vile trash, I started hating the fans as well.

Not helped by their pretentious adherence to the belief that watching that show, and others like it, made them more mature. It was an “adult” program for “mature” viewers. Of course there are two ways people use those words. One way is just a reference to the content in question, the other is what they actually mean.

Then I started seeing more and more about this new golden age of television. Which ironically involved shows that were nothing but putrid darkness. Nothing golden about any of them.

When did people start equating filth with sophistication?

I’m no prude, I used to run adult websites. I have seen some pretty messed up movies in my time.

So what REALLY turns my stomach when it comes to game of thrones?

It’s not easy to peg down.

I have seen more violent movies, but they don’t try to pretend it’s realistic violence. Game of thrones does. This is an insult to real violence. It’s depiction of graphic sexual and violent crimes is meant to shock and disgust. A worse insult to real suffering cannot be imagined, excepting the denial of it. To freely watch a movie or tv show that exists for the express purpose of you being disgusted by it, when you wont face real things that should disgust you, is worse than just cowardly.

I have seen plenty of movies that have nude and sex scene, none of them ever added anything to the movies in question, and I firmly believe that nudity and sex are a waste of time in movies. There is not a single movie worth watching that needs sex of nudity in it. If I want to see fake sex I can watch porn. If I want to watch passion I can watch amateur porn with couples. If I want to see naked women I can see a vast array of them online. I watch movies and tv shows to be told a story. Neither sex or nudity are required to tell any story. Using them is nothing more than covering up for bad writing, or very boring material.

Again, I am not a prude. I just don’t see the point in resorting to something so cheap.

The same goes for the other forms of shock factor. Martin went out of his way to try and make the series as shocking as possible. Rape of little girls, incest, crippling children, etc.

One of the things that really struck me as seriously wrong was the dragon lady character. She is forced to marry a barbarian, who rapes her at age 13 or 14, she then tames the wild man by learning to enjoy being raped thereby turning it into consensual sex, and eventually grows to love him after a fashion.

That is just fucked up.

You have to be a special kind of sick to write something like that. You have to be a special kind of sick and stupid to call that empowering. Yeah, right. She became empowered through turning rape into seduction. Even feminazi’s go along with this tripe.

At no level has a single thing I have read about this series not offend me.

Even the way Martin wrote the books. He was a soap opera writer. I can’t stand soap operas. I hate it when they make the character’s lives the center of episodes in series I watch. I watch tv shows to see them do what they do, usually solve crimes or something similar, not to get a soap opera about them. They aren’t real. They will never be real. Nothing will ever make them real. They are fictional characters. They exist to do something in a story. So shut the fuck up about their fake personal lives and get on to having them do something interesting.

Real people’s personal lives are boring. So there is nothing more boring than someone who has such a bland life that they don’t even have their own boring shit to talk about, and instead wont shut up about the personal lives of fictional characters.

GRR Martin took the war of the roses and other assorted historical events, and reworked them. He has no imagination at all. If he is good at anything, it’s making characters seem real. But even that is because he lacks any real skill as a writer and any actual imagination. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just watches a lot of reality tv and bases all his characters on those people. He just smashes them together with a historical figure.

Or maybe I’m being too harsh. Soap opera writers are good at sucking their pathetic viewers into the shows by making them identify with the fake people on the screen. So maybe he is genuinely good at writing all the banal shit that makes soap operas so fucking boring to everyone except frustrated house wives.

Game of thrones is the war of the roses done as a soap opera by the Marquis De Sade.

It is the lowest form of trash. Gore porn. Schadenfreude. Grimdark historical fanfic.

A deplorable, festering wound on the ass of tv consumed by the brain dead and degenerate.

Movies and TV exist to entertain us. They serve no other purpose. One may TRY to put a message into such media, but ultimately everyone will take away their own view of it, whatever it may be.

If people want realism and darkness, then they should stick to real life. Fiction is meant to be fictional.

You want it broken down to you?

JRR Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings. A series that a lot of fans of game of thrones hate, especially the movies, because of the happy ending.

Tolkien survived the trenches of World War 1.

GRR Martin has never had to live through anything of consequence. Maybe if he had gone to Vietnam instead of getting out of the draft, he would be a very different writer.