Month: June 2014

New Video! – Mysterious Orient – Chill Down Dance Music

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New Video! – Jeff the Killer (Acidhedz Remix)

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This is me telling my own version of the Jeff the Killer story. Made popular as a creepypasta tale.

As with many of the original Creepypasta stories, the origins of Jeff are a bit hard to trace. It seem that a youtuber by the name of Sesseur uploaded a video about Jeff. Some think the picture came first, then the story. I’m not sure if anyone knows for certain except the people who started it.

After that came the creepypasta story most people are familiar with, and that this one is based on. It is also credited to Sesseur, however I don’t know if he wrote it, or if it was credited to him because he uploaded the original video that story was based on.

Either way I have given Sesseur credit as the person who originated the story.

My version is, in my opinion at least, a more professional version of the Jeff story. As a long time reader of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, as well as being a writer, I wanted to clean up the story. Expand where it needed more, tighten it up where it needed less.

I hope you will find my version of the story to your liking. Enjoy.