Month: August 2014

I have a new follower on Twitter!

Twiss Ent
Record Label looking for new Artists! Send your demo’s to our A&R at
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I have a new follower on Twitter!

Chili and the crew work to fight veteran suicide and unemployment on and off the TV screen. @gallantfew, @raiderproject, #veterans #BringBackOurMarine
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New Video! – Review of Godzilla 2014 – 0 of 10

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A review of Godzilla 2014.
Poster used for the purpose of showing the movie being reviewed, which falls under fair use.

Gist of review:
A grey world, full of grey people, doing grey things, while following a beige plot.
Horribly contrived script which makes one human the center of everything that happens.
Godzilla is only in the movie to save the male lead.
MUTO are only in the movie to complicate the male lead’s life.
Director is a liar, and no one cared about making this a good movie.

In short, this is a perfect example of how to NOT make a movie.