New Video! – Horror 101 Too Much Info

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Welcome to Horror 101 where I, Ryan ‘Acidhedz’ Murphy will be taking you on a journy into terror.
Well, more an exploration of what Horror actually is, and ways of creating it in your movies, books and games.
In episode one we will navigate the unkown, as I will be discussion just what it is about not knowing things that bothers us.
In episode two we will be dealing with doubt, companion to the unkown and just as potent a tool for causing horror.
In episode three we will complete the trio of videos on information control by delving into the known. What you choose to tell your audience.
In episode four we will explore wrongness. Those times when things just seem… wrong.
In episode five we will deal with reality, the companion to wrongness. How can you know what is wrong without known what is real?
In episode six we will consider mysteries and their role in the horror genre.
In episide seven we will ponder how much to tell your audience. How much is too much, and when is it too soon?
In episode eight character is all the rage, since we will be going into how best to use your characters.
In episode nine the question is more gore… or lore? What is really the most scary?
In episode ten the siren call is getting personal. If you aren’t willing to examine what scares you, how can you expect to scare anyone else?
In epidode eleven I go through the art of the jumpscare. A lot of people hate them, but they can be very effective when used right.
In episodes twelve and thirteen I go through an analysis of half the horror survival game Outlast.


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