New Video! – Acidhedz Vocal Samples Pack 2 Demo

Buy it here:

Over 200 vocal samples in 8 categories.
FX, which are noises and sounds.
Original Songs and Long Spoken Word, which are original acidhedz lyrics and recordings.
Public Domain songs, which are recordings of songs in the public domain.
Poetry and Stories PD, which are recordings of poetry and stories in the public domain.
Original Poetry, which are recordings of Acidhedz original poetry.
Robot Synth Vocals, which are words and phrases made using voice synthesis.
Stories, which are recordings of Acidhedz reading his original stories.
Words, Noises and Phrases, which are recordings of various words, phrases and noises bu Acidhedz.

All samples are raw allowing you to cut, clip, crunch, destroy and play with them as you like.

FX: 15 files
Original Songs and Long Spoken: 53 files
PD Songs: 12 files
PD stories and poetry: 7 files
Original Poetry: 3 files
Robot Vocals: 47 files
Original Stories: 3 files
Words, Phrases and Sounds: 85 files

Sold under standard non-exclusive royalty free license to use in your works as you see fit. Rights to the recordings and all original stories, lyrics and poetry stays with Acidhedz. You cannot resell these samples, or give them away. The license is not transferable.
You may record your own versions of the original songs, poetry and stories for use in your own works as long as you also use Acidhedz’s recordings as well in the same track. Use of the lyrics, stories or poetry without using Acidhedz’s recordings requires a different license, which you will need to discuss with Acidhedz via PM at his site. More about his licensing agreement here:

Attribution for original lyrics, poetry and stories is required using a “feat Acidhedz” tag on any song produced using them.


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