Month: August 2016

Labeled by Souleye (ill-esha Remix)

ill-eshaIf you’re looking for cutting edge remixes, this one will blow you out of the water. Souleye is a hip-hop artist working out of LA, and he’s handed off his single ‘Labeled’ to experimental producer ill-esha to bring you something totally fresh.

ill-esha brings a powerful mix of glitch, trap and triphop to the vocal talents of Souleye for something that will burn up any dance floor, while still being unique and fit for those with discerning taste!

Souleye Press Photo 7


Ashley J – Dare Ya (William Umana Remix)– FREE DOWNLOAD !

Ashley J - Dare Ya ArtworkThe lovely voice of Ashley J shines through in this prog house remix by William Umana. Taking her sweet, entrancing and stirring song Dare Ya to new places. An inspiring pop tune about getting out of your shell and doing things you never imagined you could do before, expertly remixed into an upbeat dance track.




Ashley J is based in Dallas, and is a new face in pop music to keep an eye on. Jam to the song, and don’t forget to check out her soundcloud page!

Press Photo 2