Month: September 2016

Current Projects and Plans

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The current plan is to get a few games completed before I get on steam. I’m planning an expanded version of The Adventure of F***face for Steam. Also an expanded version of my horror/escape game Kravenhurst Asylum.

I’m working on a follow up to TAoFF called The Adventure of Bored Jimmy. That’s going to be a big game, with a lot of content.

While I’m working on that one, I have some ideas for a few smaller, more story driven games. Starting with ‘Nomina Mortui Ducunt Librum: A Sorcerer’s Tale’. The basic story for that one is a young apprentice sorcerer’s master gets sold a map to a very powerful magickal book. The ‘Nekroanoionomikonaviv’ (Neck-row-annoy-oh-nom-icon-aviv). The book is dangerous so the apprentice and his girlfriend, an apprentice healer, have to try and stop the old fool before he starts the apocalypse.

The game will have at least 12 endings, although…

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