Halloween Playlist Essentials: Novelty Tracks

In this series of posts I will be giving you some of my suggestions for what I consider to be essential track for a Halloween playlist.

Let’s start with a quartet of novelty tracks. Which is to say, songs not really made to be mainstream, or part of a genre. Often made to be funny.

  • Monster Mash. You can’t go wrong with this classic, silly song about monsters having a party.
  • I Want My Baby Back. A quick track about the couple who ran into the leader of the pack that fateful night.
  • When You’re Evil. A very fun track perfect for Halloween. Good if you’re looking for a dance list.
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts. Actually the theme song of The Haunted Mansion, but it’s been covered by a few people.

Don’t forget to check out my creepy Halloween music!
Kravenhurst Asylum Soundtrack:
A Dubstep Halloween:
The Beast of Blue River:
Dark Days In The Underground: 
A Classical Halloween: 
Unspeakable Overture: 


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