Halloween Playlist Essentials: Tom Lehrer

Let’s continue our trip down Halloween street to discover some great music for a playlist with the original master of song parody, Tom Lehrer.

Tom Lehrer started doing song parodies back in the 50s, and he’s been a massive influence on many, many people. Not to mention making some truly funny (and weird) songs. He didn’t parody individual songs so much as entire genres.

Here are four tracks that fit pretty damn well onto a Halloween play list. I recommend the live version for the funny quips to the audience.

  • I Hold Your Hand In Mine. A song about a man who just couldn’t let go.
  • The Irish Ballad. A cheerful folk song about a girl who quite happily murders her entire family.
  • We Will All Go Together When We Go. A delightful romp of a song… about nuclear war.
  • The Masochism Tango. A song about a guy who just can’t enough of his woman’s… rough love.

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Kravenhurst Asylum Soundtrack:
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The Beast of Blue River:
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Unspeakable Overture: 


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