Halloween Playlist Essentials: Soundtracks

If there is any one source of Halloween music that you could make an entire playlist from, it’s soundtracks. So here is a list of some of the ones I think you really can’t get by without.

  • The Ghostbusters. A great soundtrack for it’s own sake, it’s also perfect for a Halloween playlist. Mine has 5 tracks. The main title theme, Dana’s theme, Magic, Cleanin’ up the town and of course Ghostbusters.
  • Scoobydoo Theme song. The original. It’s a classic, nuff said.
  • Exorcist theme. While not the creepiest theme from a horror movie, it still fits in well.
  • X-Files theme. Even if you’ve never seen the show, this theme makes you think of mystery and things lurking in the shadows.
  • Danny Elfman. Danny Elfman’s Music for a Darkened Theater is a great collection of some of his best creepy stuff. You’ve got Beetlejuice, Tales From the Crypt, Forbidden Zone, Batman, and more. I would also say the entire Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is a good fit.
  • The Munsters and The Addams Family. Similar premises in a way, and two theme songs no Halloween playlist would be complete without.
  • Halloween Theme. One of the best horror movie themes ever made. It’s simple, and simply creepy.
  • Theme from Poltergeist. The song isn’t scary. It’s actually very much like a lullaby. Until the very end.
  • Psycho theme. A driving, panic inducing piece of music. Very good as a starter.
  • The Twilight Zone theme. It’s short, but has a nice disjointed feel that works well for Halloween play lists.
  • Theme from Jaws. Another one of those ones you really can’t do without. It’s a timeless piece of creep out music.
  • Sweeny Todd. While there are a few tracks on the playlist you can use, I like Epiphany and A Little Priest. Hey, you can’t go wrong with songs about killing people, then serving them in pies!
  • Cyclone music from Wizard of Oz. Not the most frightening piece, but the part they used as the theme for the witch is good for Halloween.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show. A Halloween standard. My list has The Time Warp (of course), Saturday Night, Science Fiction Double Feature, and the floor show (Rose Tint My World).

Do you have any soundtrack picks to suggest? Leave a comment!

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