Halloween Playlist Essentials: Gorillaz

The Gorillaz may not seem like an obvious choice for a Halloween playlist, or maybe they do, depends on you I suppose. I would certainly feature them heavily in a dance based list.

There is something about slower, heavy bass that fits in well on Halloween. And here are a few songs, although by no means all of their songs that could be, on my Halloween playlist.

  • Dracula. Not just for the title. The slow bass groove and minimal accompaniment has a dreamy, strange quality that fits in just fine.
  • Clint Eastwood. Maybe it’s the video that makes it feel like a good Halloween song, but the vibe of the music is pretty creepy all on its own.
  • Tomorrow Comes Today. A haunting song that works very well for setting a subdued mood if you want to chill things out.
  • 19 2000, Feel Good Inc, Dare,  and Dirty Harry. Not really Halloween tracks, but they do have that slightly creepy Gorillaz feel to them, and are good for adding some bounce to a list.

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