Opening Doors With Crowdfunding

Right now I’m running an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for my current game project, The Adventure of Bored Jimmy. This might seem frivolous, but it’s anything but. Let me tell you my story, and why your participation in this campaign would mean a lot more, to me at least, than just helping to get a game made.

A few years ago things were going okay for me and my mother. I was working at the restaurant she managed as a prep cook. Then she almost died from a bleeding ulcer. A complication from taking anti-inflammatory meds for degenerative arthritis. She recovered, but the guy who owned the place fired her just before she was supposed to return to work, and I was fired as soon as her severance pay was done.

I’m manic-depressive and suffer from anxiety, so I’m just no good on my own. I need a stabilizing influence around me.

We both tried to find work, but couldn’t. We ended up using all our saving, and unemployment. In the end we had to move in with my mothers best friend. Which turned into a nightmare.

My mother was going to get on disability because of her arthritis. Then she fell and broke her good knee (the other one was phsycially about 30 years older than it should be because of the arthritis). She broke it bad. She ended up in a care home for months. She had gotten her disability, but when she finally got out we couldn’t move out until she had recovered enough to be able to walk. And in that time my mother made a mistake. She bought a car.

See, when you get on disability, you get a check for all the months you were waiting for it. We should have used that to move out, but I think she was feeling very confined and wanted the freedom of a car. That cut heavily into what she had gotten. Mistakes were made, and we were more or less trapped with the friend.

Who we had discovered was a meth addict. And we lived with her for several years. I don’t want to talk about all the shit we had to live though there, just typing this is making me feel anxious. I don’t want to dredge those memories up.

We did finally get away and found a small apartment to live in. Mom has the bedroom, I sleep in the front room in a recliner. She has to use a walker to get around (she’s only 61) because of her knee, which she had to have a further two surgeries on.

For my part, I’ve tried to find work, but after putting in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of applications I’ve had ONE interview. Just one. So I gave up on trying to find work.

I turned to my projects instead. Many of which were a total waste of time and energy. But I didn’t give up. I’ve been writing and making music for quite a while, so doing games was just a natural progression for me.

So, what you would really be helping me with, is opening a door to what will hopefully be a better future. Honestly, I’m tired. Starting to really feel like there’s no point to continuing to try. I feel trapped in a never ending loop of hope and crushing disappointment. This indiegogo campaign is about being able to make a game I can be proud of, and a game that I can put on Steam and start building a reputation. Making a future for myself and eventually being able to take care of my mother.

I know I have a lot to give the world. Much more than just games. But I need your help to open the door that’s been shut in my face. I need your help to move into a new chapter in my life.

ANYTHING you can do would mean more to me than I could ever articulate. A few dollars if you can spare it. Sharing this post and the campaign with the people you know, on the websites you frequent.

Will you please help me?


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