Death of the Author

I’ve been having an argument with someone over the concept known as death of the author. Something I totally disagree with. It violates everything I believe as a writer, musician, game developer and graphic artist. I just can’t jive with people who say the people who make things don’t matter, and apparently think it’s all just their little toybox to play with.

And I’ve hit upon at least one glaring flaw in the concept.

The concept boils down to the idea that any interpretation a reader has about a book is valid. However, if this notion is taken seriously, the inverse must also be taken to be true. Since anyone who thinks one interpretation is wrong, also cannot be said to be wrong. Therefore, if all interpretations are valid, then no interpretations are valid. It’s a concept that cancels its self out.

Which just leaves what is there in front of you. Which is how it should be.


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