Halloween Playlist Essentials: Rob and White Zombie

If you could only use the work of one man for your playlist, while Ozzy would be an obvious choice, Rob Zombie would be pretty quick to come to mind as well. Between White Zombie and his solo stuff, he’s built a career on music inspired by horror movies.

You could pretty much use Astro-Creep 2000 and La Sexorcisto complete in your playlist, but I don’t like to go TOO heavy on any one artist.

I’ve got Black Sunshine from La Sexorcisto, and most of Astro-Creep 2000. Electric Head pt 1, Real Solution #9, Creature of the Wheel, Electric Head pt 2, I Zombie, More Human Than Human, and Blood Milk and Sky.

For his solo stuff I’ve got Dragula, Living Dead Girl and Boogie Man.

If you wanted to cut that down to a bare essentials list, I would go with the solo tracks, More Human Than Human and Real Solution #9.

I will also give a nod to his brother Spider One and his group Powerman 5000. While Rob loves b horror movies, Spider is all about cheesy sci-fi. Which still makes for some good Halloween music.

Tonight the Stars Revolt has a few good songs I’ve included. When Worlds Collide, the title track, The Son of X-51, Supernova Goes Pop and a cover of Good Times Roll.

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