Halloween Playlist Essentials: Type O Negative

A goth metal band, Type O Negative is another group you could just drop whole albums into a playlist and call it good. But I have pulled a few choice tracks out for your enjoyment.

  • All Hallows Eve. Title aside this is a great song, and fits right into a spooky playlist.
  • Haunted. Moody and dark. Even for Type O –
  • Wolf Moon. One of the great things about the group is that they told some interesting stories in their songs. This is one of them.
  • Cinnamon Girl, Bloody Kisses, and Halloween in Heaven. While they are all great songs, I can’t really say anything more about them than they are signature Type O -.
  • Black #1. A song about dating a goth chick, and her inability to go out and do anything without her hair being dyed as black as it can get.

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