Halloween Playlist Essentials: Misc Fun

Not every song or artist is going to fit neatly into a category, and every good Halloween song play list is going to have some outcasts. It wouldn’t be much of a playlist without outcasts on it.

  • Alice Cooper: While there are loads of his songs that could work for a Halloween list, I like to stick with just two. Welcome to my Nightmare and The Black Widow.
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Next Week Sometime, makes it in because of the second verse, which involves going to find buried treasure in a cemetery and the hijinks that ensue.
  • Blue Oyster Cult. While, Don’t Fear the Reaper is a good song for a playlist, I tend to just use their less widely known, but absolute classic, Godzilla.
  • Buckethead. He’s done a lot of stuff that can fit onto this list, but I like The Ballad of Buckethead.
  • Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman’s band, and I could have put these songs in the soundtrack post, but I decided to leave them for this one. Dead Man’s Party is perfect, and Weird Science fits in pretty well too.
  • Primus. Their odd, often disjointed (relative to other music) style makes for a good contrast. Mr Krinkle, Too Many Puppies and My Name is Mud are all good for a Halloween list.
  • Talking Heads. Psycho Killer. A good, fun, song. It gets in on the title alone, but it’s more than good enough for a party play list.
  • Tenacious D. Tribute has a funny story, it’s not that creepy, but it does fit a Halloween theme. It’s also a pretty damn good song.
  • Warren Zevon. Werewolves of London. This could have been on the novelty post, but I don’t really consider it a novelty song. Regardless, its a classic that no Halloween list should be without.

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