Halloween Playlist Essentials: Rammstein

Rammstein have a lot of good songs, and quite a few of them would fit in fine here. I have picked out a few that work especially well.

  • Ich Will. While the song is more or less the band making fun of fans wanting to sing along at live shows, it’s got a creepy vibe.
  • Mein Teil. Which means, My Part. It’s a song inspired by a real life WTF case. A man put an ad out because he wanted to eat someone. A man answered the ad and said he would allow himself to be killed and eaten… IF, he was allowed to eat his own… part, before he died.
  • Klavier. A man at a piano mourning his dead wife… that he killed. What more could ask for from a Halloween song?
  • Du Riechst So Gut. You Smell So Good. A song about a man/beast tracking a woman down and raping her… would be one interpretation.
  • Rammstein. In 1988 on the Ramstein (yes, just one m) air force base in Germany there was a mid air crash during an airshow. 67 members of the audience died, along with the pilots of 3 aircraft. This song is about that incident. It was the deadliest airshow incident in history until 2002.

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