Halloween Playlist Essentials: King Diamond and Mercyful Fate

Aside from Rob Zombie there is only one other man who embodies the ideal of music for Halloween better. King Diamond. Not just because of his persona, but because most of his albums are concept albums that tell a story. Each and every one a horror movie just waiting to be made.

Let’s start with some tracks from Mercyful Fate. While not concept albums, most of their songs are inspired by ghost stories and occult lore.

  • Into The Coven. A song about joining a witches coven.
  • Gypsy. A great song, and one I wouldn’t do a Halloween play list without.
  • The Oath. Another excellent song. About making an oath to Lucifer.
  • The Bell Witch. About the story of the haunting of the Bell family. Which inspired a few movies as well.

Any of his solo albums would fit in on a Halloween playlist, but here are some more choice cuts.

  • A Mansion in Darkness and Black Horsemen from Abigail. A demonic girl is born, then bound in a horrific ceremony. Until a descendant arrives with his young bride years later.
  • Eye of the Witch. A witches necklace that takes whoever invokes it’s spell back to witness any event it’s “seen”.
  • Invisible Guests and Sleepless Nights. A creepy, haunted house. A family with evil secrets.
  • Burn. Abigail reborn returns to the house of her demise and resurrection, only to fall victim to the evil that waits within.
  • Halloween. An absolutely essential Halloween song!!

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