Halloween Playlist Essentials: Assorted Heavy Metal

Most heavy metal can work in a Halloween play list. It’s really the nature of the beast. But some bands stand apart and above. Or perhaps they’re just ones I happen to like more. Either way these are my picks for metal bands that have some of the best stuff for Halloween lists.

  • Metallica. Not an obvious choice really, but I think they actually have quite a few that are good for this list. Mostly their early instrumental tracks. The Call of Ktulu and The Thing That Should Not Be, are both pretty obviously inspired by Lovecraft’s works. To Live is to Die, Pulling Teeth, and Orion are all very good, and have a haunting quality.
  • Gwar. Some find them ridiculous, but they put out some good stuff over the years. They also made a lot of stuff that works well for Halloween. Gor-Gor, Sammy (which is a silly song about Sammy Davis Jr, but I like it), Rag Na Rok, Penguin Attack and Crush Kill Destroy all made it in this year.
  • Dethklok. Whether you love or hate the animated Death Metal homage/parody the man and his band that are behind them have released some good songs. Murmaider, Into the Water, Hatred Copter and Murdertrain a Comin’ all make it in this year.
  • Judas Priest. Another one that’s not an obvious choice, but the Nostradamus album has a creepy tone to it, and the track Prophecy is on my list. Also their cover of the Fleetwood Mac song, The Green Manalishi (with the two prong crown). Which is a heavy, creepy ass song. The original is also damn good, but I like the Priest cover for my playlist.
    Story has it that the song is about Peter Green’s (the guy who wrote the song) disillusionment with success and money as well as his use of LSD, and mental illness (he was later diagnosed as schizophrenic).

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