Halloween Playlist Essentials: More Metal

I’m going to wrap this playlist post series up with one more entry based around heavy metal.

Cradle of Filth. Another group that you could drop whole albums into a list and they would fit. Basically you can just grab some songs from the Lovecraft and Witch Hearts compilation.

  • Creatures That Kissed In Cold Windows.
  • Dusk and Her Embrace.
  • Beneath The Howling Stars.
  • Her Ghost in the Fog
  • The Twisted Nails of Faith.
  • From the Cradle to Enslave.
  • For Those Who Died.
  • Once Upon Atrocity.

Slayer. Classic death metal and you can’t go wrong putting Hell Await and Angel of Death into a Halloween play list.

Crisis. A female lead metal group. They’ve got some good stuff, but I went with their song Wretched.

Arch Enemy. Another female fronted group. I’ve gone with Heart of Darkness and Dark Insanity for the list.

Emperor. The history of black metal is pretty creepy all alone, but the music fits Halloween like a tailored glove. I’ve gone with Thus Spake the Night Spirit and Curse You All Men! From Scattered Ashes.

Immortal. Ditto on the history. I went with Sons of Northern Darkness for the list.

In Flames. Not the creepiest group, but they’ve got some good songs. The Quiet Place is the one I’ve put in the list this year.

Iron Maiden. Can’t be a proper Halloween playlist without some maiden. I’ve gone with the classics, The Number of the Beast and Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Kamelot. The entire album The Black Halo is pretty good for a Halloween playlist. I like March of Mephisto, and The Haunting for the list though.

Dimmu Borgir. Another group you could just drop whole albums in, but I’ve gone with Reptile, The Insight and the Catharsis and Blood Hunger Doctrine.

Do you have any heavy metal must haves for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!

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