This Election Was NOT About “Change”

That’s the selling point for why Trump got elected. People were tired of career politicians and the status quo.


Since when?

Two elections ago it was John McCain. A man who had decades of political experience they voted for. Last time it was Mitt Romney, who had been in politics since 94.

Who did they run against? Was it a career politician? Nope. Remember “community organizer” everyone? They sure felt HIS lack of political experience was a problem.

But now, all of a sudden, the right wing are tired of politicians and the status quo… oh, that’s right. A youngish black guy. Someone who isn’t old, rich and white. Because we haven’t had any presidents that were…, no, actually that’s what all the rest of them have been. Or two out of three. And apparently what they really want is someone that’s just as ignorant and uneducated as they are. Look at who they’ve put in the office the last two times. George Bush, who was a borderline retard, and now Trump, who’s main qualifications are running casinos into the ground and groping women.

Now, I’m not some idiot SJW. But the hypocrisy of the right wingers in this country has gotten on my last motherfucking nerve. And now we’ve got Trump as president. A narcissistic, ego-maniacal mouth breather that did this whole thing just to prove to everyone he could.

Honestly I’ll be surprised if he lasts a whole year. For a couple of reasons. Firstly, he’s a trust fund kid. Everything he has, he got from his daddy. He’s never had to do any work in his life. And being president actually requires work. So there’s a good chance he’ll end up resigning.
Secondly, he has no self control. The American President is one of the most scrutinized individuals on the planet. He’s going to put his foot in his mouth sooner, rather than later, and we just have to hope he doesn’t start WW3 when he does it.

If people thought the Clinton scandal was nasty…

It’s time for the left to stop being such pussies. That’s my problem with Obama. It became clear within months of his being elected that the right had no intention of trying to work with him, and yet he tried endlessly to work with them.
Trying to work with people who categorically will not work with you in return is sheer stupidity. An exercise in futility.

And PC BS needs to stop.

That’s part of what Trump won on. Appealing to the part of the country that’s sick of worrying about everyone’s feelings, and being outraged at EVERYTHING. It needs to stop. People need to get their fucking priorities in order, because if they don’t we’re going to just keep getting fuckwits like Trump in office.

We need logic, reason, order, and civilization. Things that NO ONE seems to care about any more. The right is caught up in some racist, sexist, nostalgia trip for nonexistent days of yore, and the left is so worried about offending someone that they can’t sneeze for fear of “triggering” all the germaphobes.

Fuck all of you. You’re all to blame for this election and whatever happens next.


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