Help Me Reach My Potential

I’ve started a fundraiser to try and raise money to buy a new computer. Which may sound silly, but hear me out please.

I’m manic-depressive and suffer from social anxiety as well. Which can make it hard to function. I’ve put in hundreds of applications, and only had 2 interviews. No real prospect of finding work at all.

Which is one reason I do things like running this blog. I write, make music, do art and make games. Because I am a creative person and need to create things, because I do enjoy it (or at least I try to), but also because it’s my lifeline. What gives me hope of digging my way out and accomplishing something with my life.

And I do it all on, and with, my computer. Which is old. A Dell XPS model. I worry constantly that it’s going to die and take everything I do with it. All my work, the tool I work with, and even my only real source of entertainment other than books.

Losing my computer before I can replace it would be as bad as life threatening disease or injury for me. Losing it would take away my hope. That’s why I’m asking for your help. I know I have a lot of potential, but there is a wall in between me and it, and it’s money. Such a simple thing, yet profoundly frustrating when it stands in between you and everything you know you can do to reach further and try to accomplish anything.

Please Help!


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