NO\/A by RO\/ER

Put on your big boy pants and turn up that sub! It’s time for a bit of NO\/A by RO\/ER!

This Dark Trap track is going to bash you over the head until you get up and move. No mercy, take no prisoners, future bass style and loads of atmosphere make for one hell of a hot banger.

Check the track, then go hit that Soundcloud page and show some love!


Halloween Playlist Essentials: EDM

I like to mix things up in my holiday playlists, and no holiday lets you do that more than Halloween. Where it’s possible to have a modern EDM track right next to a piece of classical music next to heavy metal and that next to a blues track.

Here’s a few electronica tracks that fit right into a Halloween list.

  • KMFDM Megalomaniac. A great creepy vibe, and lyrics sure to freak out anyone into conformity.
  • Ministry Every Day is Halloween. Ministry could be their own post, since a lot of their later industrial stuff fits right into a Halloween list, but since I tend to put quite a bit of heavy metal into my lists, I stick with this 80s classic.
  • The Prodigy. While they have quite a few tracks that work in a Halloween playlist, I like to use Breathe and Firestarter.
  • Aphex Twin Come to Daddy. Fast, creepy and with one of the best lyric lines for a Halloween song ever.
  • Datsik 3 Fist Style and Nuke’em. Both these Dubstep tracks have great vibes for a creepy song list.
  • Deadmau5 Ghosts N Stuff. Not that creepy, but I put it in on the title alone. It does have a nice vibe.
  • Flux Pavilion Twilight. I just like the feel of this track.
  • Rusko Scareware. With a repeating line of “we aint scared of this, you know we aint scared of this” and a nice creepy vibe, it’s a lock for any list I put together.
  • Skrillex Kill Everybody, First of the Year (Equinox) and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Not that scary, but I think they make a good addition.

Do you have any fav Electronica tracks for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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