Halloween Playlist Essentials Bonus: The Obvious and The Oddities

First, let’s have the obvious. Songs that tend to get put on Halloween playlists, but I haven’t put in other posts.

In The Midnight Hour. Not that scary, but it gets in just on it’s name.

We Only Come Out At Night. Another one that tends to get in mostly on it’s name. It is easy to imagine it’s a song being sung by a wistful vampire though.

Bela Lugosi’s Dead. A song about the man who most ironically played Dracula. What’s more Halloween than that?

I Put A Spell On You. I have both the original by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and the version from Hocus Pocus. It’s just a good song for Halloween and both versions have their good points.

Thriller. Do I REALLY need to say anything? No. I didn’t think so.

Strange Brew. Cream actually made pretty creepy rock music for their time, but this is one that will find it’s way on many play lists.

Now let’s have some Oddities.

I have three tracks from The Arrogant Worms, a Canadian comedy music group.

  • Carrot Juice Is Murder. An amusing reversal of anti-meat eating propaganda.
  • Mounted Animal Nature Trail.
    Who needs live animals when you can walk around looking at stuffed ones?
  • Malcolm. He solves his problems with a chainsaw don’ch know.

I’m Afraid of Americas. The late, and very great David Bowie with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. It’s a good song, and is plenty creepy enough for Halloween.

The Little Blue Man. A novelty track you can find in Dr Demento collections, as well as online. It’s more silly than scary… but then again, it’s a about a woman being stalked by a little blue man only she can see.

The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun. Just find it and listen to it.

Swamp Witch by Jim Stafford. A song about a swamp witch who may, or may not, of cursed a town.

The Thing. Sung by Phil Harris, who did the voice of several Disney characters. Including Baloo. It’s about a man who find a “stomp, stomp stomp” that ruins his life because no one will take the “Stomp, stomp stomp”. (It never tells you what The Thing is).

Cows With Guns. They’re had enough, and they just aren’t gonna take it any more.

Existential Blues. More head trippy than creepy, but this is one of those songs that is just too fun.

ICP. Yes, Insane Clown Posse. They’s actually done a lot of songs that work for Halloween. My list has Ol Evil Eye, 12, The Killing Fields and The Great Milenko.


New Game: The Adventure of F***face

I’ve got a new game out!

It’s a twisted little comedy RPG called The Adventure of F***face McP****.

F***face is at a gamer convention in Las Vegas, hanging out in his hotel room after a big party with friends. He suddenly finds himself kidnapped away to a fantasy realm in the far flung future! He is given the quest to rescue a princess from an evil empress, and that’s the only way he is going to get home.
His friends will be brought to help him. Hilarity ensues.

There are 9 lands, each with it’s own themes. 3 dungeons. Loads to explore. Plenty of enemies to fight along the way. An all original soundtrack.
Layers upon layers to dig into.
And lots, and lots, and lots of jokes. Satire, parody, puns, dirty jokes, silly jokes, offensive jokes, bad jokes, referential jokes. More jokes than you can shake a funny bone at!

Come with me… and you’ll be… in a world from my twisted imagination.
Take a look… and you’ll see… into my nightmarish imagination.
We’ll begin… with some sin… This insane land of my creation…
What you find will make you laugh, and cry, when you pierce my obfuscation.
If you want to see something nice… this aint the place to view it.
Anything I wanted to, I do it. Want to piss off the world? There’s nothing… to it.
There is no place to go, to escape my twisted imagination. One way out, save the girl, and then you’ll be free… If I think… you ought… to be.

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